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Welcome to
Lillypilly Pre-school

I once asked a father, “What is it you want for your son?” He simply replied…

“I just want him to be happy!”

This comment forms the basis for our philosophy.

Lillypilly Pre-school

Mon-Fri 7.30am to 5.30pm
(02) 6555 2111
20 Kenrose St. Forster

"Every day is challenging, exhausting and hectic...  And funny, exciting, rewarding and worthwhile.  There's nothing I'd rather do!"

Fin Mackay

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"Watching the children learn and interact at such a young age is the most rewarding experience"

Linda Keen

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"There is nothing better than hearing children's laughter"

Amanda Marshall

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Ella Ravell

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Vikki Pitt

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"Children may forget what you say, but they'll never forget how you make them feel"

Fiona Rogers McCullagh

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Lillypilly Philosophy

We believe in…

  • Promoting self esteem and belief through encouraging and supportive interactions and activities. Children develop a strong sense of identity
  • Providing an environment rich with music, language, number, science, environmental sustainability, creative expression and social skill development
  • Providing a ‘home away from home‘ where children can express themselves freely
  • A safe and supportive environment where children can try new and exciting activities to enhance their overall development
  • Providing a balance of free play, spontaneous and intentional teaching experiences designed around the children’s needs and interests
  • Supporting children to be confident and involved learners by nurturing the children’s natural desire to learn.We  provide intriguing, exciting and stimulating experiences relevant to each child’s world.
  • Providing quality facilities where each child can grow and learn in a clean, safe and homely centre
  • Encouraging a community environment for children to develop respect and appreciation of themselves, others and the environment
  • Demonstrating and encouraging language and social skills needed for children to be effective communicators
  • Fostering positive relationships between children, families and educators through positive partnerships, family involvement and open communication
  • Demonstrating and practicing cultural competence and inclusion through music, language creative arts and play, allowing children to be connected and contribute to their world
  • Employing suitably qualified educators who pride themselves on professional development, work ethic and have a genuine love for the children


Understanding and promoting the benefits of music in the lives of children. We provide diversity in music in our day through transitions, play, our music learning station, music listening centre, guided and planned musical activities. You will always hear singing from the educators and children.
We provide specific opportunities to develop language skills through small group activities focusing on receptive language (following directions/comprehension) and expressive language (the ability to verbally express information). The children are immersed in language opportunities. This is achieved through small groups, planned experiences, free play opportunities, circle time, news, story times etc. We have stories from around the world and children will be introduced to new languages through story and song.
We initiate many opportunities to develop the children’s social skills. This is achieved through small group experiences, intentional teaching opportunities, free play activities that foster turn-taking, sharing, contributing to group discussions, understanding feelings and emotions. We foster self esteem by providing children with an environment that not only provides a sense of belonging, but a sense of community spirit. All children have the opportunity to be group leaders, contributing to things such as composting, tidying and caring for the gardens.
Having a tertiary trained director and educational leader  enables us to develop specialised programs that specifically meet the needs of each child. Our programs are designed to cover all areas of a children’s outcomes whilst catering to varied learning styles. Our school preparation program has been designed in consultation with primary school teachers, to give children the very best preparation for their transition into primary school.
We want all children to appreciate and respect our environment. We teach children about nature and ways to care for the environment and the reciprocal benefits that go with this. We have implemented many environmental strategies to engage the children and encourage a natural interest in their environment. Our strategies include the use of recycled paper and materials, composting, power and water saving, “reduce re-use recycle”. We have purpose built vegetable gardens, worm farms and composting facilities. Our gardens have been designed to attract birds and stimulate the children’s senses. Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound – A SMORGASBORD for the senses.

I whole-heartedly recommend Lillypilly to anyone seeking quality child-care. The centre is impeccably presented with a wide range of new indoor and outdoor activities designed to engage and educate children through play. It radiates warmth through the staff and management who are always welcoming and provide me with a sense that they are genuinely interested in my child.

Iskra and Trent (Lillypilly Parents)

The pre-school offers a warm and nurturing environment, while still preparing my son for the structure of Kindergarten. The staff provide a rich learning environment every day filled with paint, glue, dress-ups, songs, stories and relaxation.

Nicky (Lillypilly Mum)

It really is a ‘home away from home’ environment. From the moment you walk through the door of a morning, you are greeted with a friendly good morning from the staff and smiles all round, the sound of music in the background (and often Helen’s singing) and happy laughing children ready to start their day. Our daughter cannot get in the door quick enough. Lillypilly Pre-school is the best!

Karen and David (Lillypilly Parents)

I love the way you have just embraced my boys and nothing is ever a problem. Having kids with special needs is difficult and sometimes you need to just step away. The beauty of Lillypilly is that I can step away with confidence… confidence that my boys are embraced by all and they are emerged in the richest of learning environments. Thanks for everything.

Suzanne (Lillypilly Mum)


A nurturing, caring, friendly and happy environment. Thanks guys, you have all made a huge difference in my children’s lives.

Vanessa (Lillypilly Mum)

Lillypilly now uses Kinderloop!

What is Kinderloop?  To explain simply, Kinderloop is an app that is available for free on your smartphones, tablets and computers that lets you keep up-to-date with your child’s activities at Lillypilly.


Our staff create posts on the app frequently with photos and learning outcomes so that you can be notified in real-time.
Your child’s profile is private to you (and any family members you wish to invite to the app) via a closed and secure learning loop.
Read more on Kinderloop at


Happy teachers + engaged family = happy kids

  • 1. Educational program and practice: Exceeding NQS
  • 2. Children’s health and safety: Exceeding NQS
  • 3. Physical environment: Meeting NQS
  • 4. Staffing arrangements: Exceeding NQS
  • 5. Relationships with children: Meeting NQS
  • 6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities: Exceeding NQS
  • 7. Leadership and service management: Exceeding NQS
  • Overall Rating: Exceeding National Quality Standard

Rated Exceeding with Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and

Lillypilly Pre-school has received Exceeding National Quality Standard in at least four of the seven quality areas (of which at least two include quality areas 1, 5, 6 and 7); as a result it has received the overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard.