Fin Mackay - Director

Every day is challenging, exhausting and hectic…  And funny, exciting, rewarding and worthwhile.  There’s nothing I’d rather do!

I believe in an environment where children are free to explore, encouraged to be who they want to be and are surrounded and supported by educators who truly care for them.

Childhood is a time for fun, for enjoying the world and taking delight in being young.  It is also a time of growth – what children can achieve with the belief and support of those around them never ceases to amaze me.  I encourage my peers to be educators who are dedicated to helping the children reach their full potential.

Lillypilly is a place where we form bonds with the children and their families which helps the children to have a great childhood.

Personally, I like to be active – we live in a great town, so I’m running and swimming regularly.  I like to read when I have the time – I’m a big fan of Iain M. Banks and James Ellroy.
I have a PS4 at home too.  Although I’ve forgotten what it looks like and the games that I have to play on it.  Maybe one day…


Fin Mackay - Director


  • Diploma in Child Services – 2012
  • First Aid – 2014
  • Currently working toward Bachelors degree in Early Education and Primary